I am a product designer with 7 years of experience helping expert users make sense of complex systems.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied Human Computer Interaction & Information Systems, I have spent my career as a user experience designer pursuing delightful solutions to meaningful problems.

I began my pursuit of artistic excellence when I won my first poster design competition at age 3 and more recently completed a graphic design residency at the Rhode Island School of Design.  This unique combination of aesthetic prowess and technical knowledge allows me to approach design from the holistic perspective required to assess and solve real-world problems. Whether at large company, such as Apple where I have previously interned, or a small design firm, I believe the user experience design process should be grounded in user research and testing throughout all iterations.

Beyond my love of design & photography, I enjoy discovering new music, places, and friends — and am unashamedly a cinephile.